Who Can Join Veterans For Peace?

  • Veteran Members: Veterans For Peace includes veterans from all eras and tours. Our membership is open to veterans from all countries and military backgrounds. All veteran members must submit proof of being in the military to have voting rights on VFP business matters and strategic objectives each year.
    • Members of Veterans For Peace adhere to the Statement of Purpose and pay annual dues to the national office.
    • All veterans must provide proof of being in the military to vote for national board and bylaws.
    • Please email DD214 or other proof of service for full VFP membership, including voting.
    • If you need a copy of your DD214, visit the National Archives to request a copy of your Military Service Records
  • Associate Members: In addition to veteran members, many friends and family members are also staunch advocates of peace so Veterans For Peace encourages those to join as an Associate member. While these members do not vote on Veterans For Peace business issues or hold Chapter or National Board of Director positions, they are crucial in carrying out the mission of peace and justice.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Veterans For Peace offers these annual membership rates:

$40 – Basic Membership

$75 – Supporting Membership

$100 – Sustaining Membership

FREE- Active Duty


This war economy, which we are working to turn around, has created tough financial times for many of our members. For that reason, VFP offers the following adjusted membership rates:

$10 – Post 9/11 Veterans (eligible for first three years)

$15 – Student Membership

$25 – VFP Assisted Membership

Additionally, Incarcerated Veterans are free.  Scholarships are available for members in need to help with membership dues. Please contact National Office for more information about these options.