Workshop proposals are now open for the VFP 2021 Virtual Convention! The 2021 Convention Committee theme this year is “Rising to the Moment.”

We are asking members to submit workshop applications focused on one or more of the following themes:
Building a culture of peace
Anti-militarism and current conflicts
Environmental Impacts of War and Militarism
Organizing responses to the current health and economic crises
Mobilizing members to get active and engaged

Read more and click here to submit your workshop proposal:

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Veterans For Peace calls for the immediate withdrawal of the Minnesota National Guard. We are appalled to see military weapons, vehicles and equipment once again deployed in U.S. cities to control community members who are reacting to a long history of state-sanctioned violence. When an already embattled community is subjected to militarized intimidation, by design, their environment becomes a war zone. We call on all those who are serving with the National Guard to refuse to serve violent and racist interests.

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Please join Veterans For Peace in appealing to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft to support the Secretary General’s call for a GLOBAL CEASEFIRE! sign up here

Soldiers of Peace sung by Steve Nelson

Watch Chicago Veterans for Peace’s own Steve Nelson perform “Soldiers of Peace”

Earth Day is 4/22.

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Stop Another War

War, climate crisis, and all other calamities have a common source. Read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer for the details. Enlightening and depressing at the same time – but knowledge brings change.

“The 2020s Has To Be the Decade We Stop Climate Change—Not Start Another War” read the In These Times report