Chicago Peacemakers

Be the change.      The following are people, past and present, who ChicagoVFP members feel deserve recognition for their efforts to achieve our motto, "Peace at Home, Peace Abroad".

Jane Addams - She built the infrastructre for social justice and peace activism in Chicago.  Her legacy continues with her writtings, a museum, and actions under her name.  http...      Submitted by ChicagoVFP member Arny Stieber. 

John Camardella – John is a social studies teacher at Prospect High School in Mt. Prospect, IL. He’s attended several major peace summits and brings those experiences into the classroom in an effort to motivate and inspire his students. He was a representative of the ONE Campaign and the Peace Alliance at the Quest for Global Healing Conference in Bali, Indonesia where he was able to learn from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He teaches Social Studies and World Religion, coaches basketball and is the faculty sponsor for the Ultimate Frisbee team.  Submitted by ChicagoVFP member Libby Frank

Kathy Kelly, world-renowned peace activist and Chicago resident, was born in 1952 and grew up in the southwest-side neighborhood of Garfield Ridge. She received a B.A. in 1974 from Loyola University Chicago, an education she finance with a series of night jobs, including a stretch in a meat-packing plant that moved her to become a vegetarian. Kelly was a founding member of the peace organization Voices in the Wilderness and is currently the co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. As part of peace work in several countries, she has traveled to Iraq twenty-six tKelly embraces Safar, an Afghan street child.imes, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US-Iraq wars. She has been arrested more than sixty times at home and abroad, and has written of her experiences alongside targets of U.S. military bombardment and inmates of U viagra uk buy.S. prisons. The photo above shows Kelly embracing Safar, a street child in Afghanistan, where she most recently has been working with victims of endless U.S. war. Kelly, who blogs regularly about her experiences, has been quoted as saying, “One way to stop the next war is to continue to tell the truth about this one.”     Submitted by ChicagoVFP member Frank Fitzgerald



Steve Nelson - Steve is a member of ChicagoVFP and current Treasurer and past Coordinator of the Chapter. He has been very active in peace initiative for many years.  He is currently a volunteer veteran coordinator at Shimer College - a very veteran friendly educational institution.     Submitted by ChicagoVFP member Arny Stieber 

Ray Parrish has been an anti-war activist for decades, and a Veterans For Peace member since 1988.  He has been doing veterans counseling, including discharge upgrade work, in Chicago beginning in 1987 at the Midwest Committee for Military Counseling.  He was an American Legion Veterans Service Officer, a mental health rehabilitation caseworker and the GI/Veterans Counselor for Vietnam Veterans Against the War, from 2003 thru 2012. Ray, his mother and father are all USAF veterans.   Submitted by ChicagoVFP member Libby Frank

Joe Scarry – Joe  has been a full time anti-war and civil liberties activist for a number of years. His most recent initiative is the “No Drones Network” which is working at a grassroots level against drone warfare and drone surveillance. He maintains a blog at (Scarry Thoughts).  Submitted by ChicagoVFP member Libby Frank

Sarah Simmons - Sarah, without any support, showed up at Rahm's "invitation only" Martin Luther King breakfast and spoke truth to power.   Sumitted by ChicagoVFP member Arny Stieber