VFP and Michael Brown/Ferguson/militarization

The main focus of VFP is to abolish war.   People are incited into war (as a solution to conflict) based on fear, and superiority.  War can be abolished (like slavery was) when people join together as equals - thereby reducing fear and superiority.   By joining in the demonstrations against police violence, police militarization, and racial profiling, we, as VFP, are working to abolish the military model of conflict resolution by violence and therefore war.


The media has sensationalized and is focused on the few (who may be provocateurs) who commit violence.  The vast majority (including the VFP members) taking a stand are nonviolent.  The same can be said for the vast majority who participate in anti-war demonstrations levitrastore.net."


On Monday, Dec. 1, 2014 two Chicago Chapter members attended an action by students downtown.  One spoke and was fortunate to be interviewed and photographed by several media.  He's  honored to be shown with students from across the country.  The photo is about 3/4 of the way down.