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We are an active Chapter of veterans and allies who abide by the Veterans For Peace Statement of Purpose and our motto - Peace at Home, Peace Abroad.   There will never be international peace until there is domestic peace.   The Chicago Chapter is working on many fronts to engage the community in dialogue about militarization and its human, financial and environmental costs.  Look over the web site.  Check our Chapter Facebook - ChicagoVFP.  Check our main project Facebook and Twitter - DeMilitarizeCPS.  See EducationNotMilitarization.org.    Sign up for our email list.  Join us!  See "Calendar" for meeting dates.

VFP is an international 501(c)3 organization founded in 1985.  VFP is the only veterans organization in the world that is recognized by the United Nations.  The Chapter tax # is:  26-0064830.    To donate or for questions, please contact the Coordinator ARNY STIEBER at 734-216-1814.

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Veterans For Peace Membership

Veterans from any branch of the military are invited to join Veterans For Peace. Family members and friends are encouraged to join at the Associate Level. Please sign up or renew your membership below. Be a part of this growing movement!


Martin Luther King

The community is invited to participate in an interactive event focused on Dr. King's "Beyond Viet Nam" speech where he identified the the triple evils of racism, materialism and militarism.  For more info, contact the Chapter Coordinator.

Chapter Meeting 1/13/19

Lake Shore Cafe.  4900 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 60615

Annual Scholarship

The Chicago Chapter is taking applications for our annual scholarship. Follow this link for more information:


Contributors to EducationNotMilitarization.org

Contributors of $100 or more to Education Not Militarization include:  Paul Appell, Frank Fitzgerald, Arny Stieber, Sabrina Waller, Neville & Doreen Souza, Kevin Merwin, Nick Angotti, Steve Nelson, Joe Walsh, Grace Lutheran Church (Evanston, IL)


Education Not Militarization

Militarization of schools is a national epidemic with Chicago Public Schools being the most militarized.  Over 10,000 Chicago children are learning the military model of conflict resolution by violence.  www.NoMilitary.org  There will never be international peace without domestic peace and children are the key.



VFP and Michael Brown/Ferguson/militarization

The main focus of VFP is to abolish war.   People are incited into war (as a solution to conflict) based on fear, and superiority.  War can be abolished (like slavery was) when people join together as equals - thereby reducing fear and superiority.   By joining in the demonstrations against police violence, police militarization, and racial profiling, we, as VFP, are working to abolish the military model of conflict resolution by violence and therefore war.



America's Child Soldiers: JROTC and the Militarizing of America

JROTC salute

Great article about JROTC by Ann Jones on Alternet. Check it out here


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